Hi! I am Prabesh, a data scientist based in Germany.

I am currently writing a master thesis on 3D object detection.

Here are some of my recent articles:

Tools for Research in Machine Learning

Google Scholar and Scopus, while useful, come short in a variety of ways when it comes to literature discovery. There are many online tools and services that help make this easier. Each area of research has search portals and related tools and services that fit best. Since I am carrying out research in the field of machine learning, here are links to some tools that I have found are useful.

Reading Machine Learning Research Papers

Context for this article Literature review is the part of the research process that allows you to understand the context of your research, and design your experiments, and form arguments based on the results. As such, literature review is unavoidable. As important as literature review is, I find that this process takes up a significant amount of time. On top of that, when you are doing preliminary literature review, not all research papers are relevant or important.