About Me


I am Prabesh Dhakal, a data scientist based in Lüneburg, Germany.

I like finding solutions to problems in an increasingly complex world. Some of my tools of trade are: Cmder, Python, R, Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Git.

Currently, I am writing my master thesis on deep learning for object detection in 3D point clouds.

I am also working for the Dean of Sustainability Science at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg. Here are a few of my work-related responsibilities:

  • I am the functional analyst for Mobile Lösungswerkstatt (MoLöWe) - an interactive decision visualization dashboard platform centered around Python and IPython Notebook. So far, I have contributed by provoding inputs to the software requirements document, drafting the IPython notebook which powers the interactive visualization aspect of the platform, and performing user acceptance testing.
  • I am a tutor in a data science master course in which I teach students how to program and do data science with R and Python, and in a statistics bachelor course in which I teach the students how to program and how to apply statistics with R.
  • I am also contributing to the Sustainability Methods wiki as a platform administrator and as one of the authors.