Tools for Research in Machine Learning

Google Scholar and Scopus, while useful, come short in a variety of ways when it comes to literature discovery. There are many online tools and services that help make this easier.

Each area of research has search portals and related tools and services that fit best. Since I am carrying out research in the field of machine learning, here are links to some tools that I have found are useful.

Clever Tools

  • Connected Papers
    This website creates a graph visualization that shows how the paper you entered are related related to other similar papers that cite this paper or that this paper cites. The papers are arranged according to their similarity and directed graphs are created such that similar papers are clustered together and less similar papers are pushed away from each other. This is a great way to discover related literature and dive deep into an area of research.

  • Papers with Code
    Almost all machine learning papers have code associated with them. However, it can be a bit tideous going around searching for the code based on the papers that you are reading. This website solves that problem. Just enter the title of the paper and you are likely to get related GitHub repositories.

  • Arxiv Sanity Preserver
    This project was built by Andrej Karpathy to “tame the overwhelming flood of papers on Arxiv. This webpage allows researchers to discover recent papers in their field of interest from the field of Machine Learning.

Conventional Tools

There are many search portals that exist as an alternative to Google Scholar and Scopus that might be worth checking out:

  • Microsoft Academic
    This is a literature search portal that functions in a manner very similar to Scopus. However, I find Microsoft’s approach much more pleasent in terms of search and discovery - results look pleasant and finding related articles is easier.

  • dblp computer science bibliography
    This webpage, originally created at the University of Trier, provides a simple and straightforward interface to find research papers from the field of Computer Science based on different journals.

  • CORE
    This platform claims to be the largest collection of open access research papers.

  • IEEE Xplore
    This is the search portal for literature published by IEEE.

  • ACM Digital Library
    This is the search portal from Association for Computing Machinery.