Projects Home

Here is a list of the projects that I am engaged in:

Natural Language Processing

  • Abstractive Summarization of Nepali News Articles (Status: Ongoing)
    I recently started this project and am currently developing a dataset by scraping news websites to perform the deep learning on.
    • Keywords: Abstractive Summarization, Natural Language Processing, PyTorch, Python

Ensemble Learning

  • Prediction of Energy Consumption of Buildings (Status: Finalizing)
    This is the machine learning project that I carried out for a third semester module called Machine Learning Lab for my data science master. I am in the process of reorganizing the code files for better readibility.
    • Keywords: Gradient Boosting, Catboost, Python

Teaching Activities

I am a tutor for two courses at Leuphana Universit√§t L√ľneburg:

  • Software for Analysing Data (MSc. Management & Data Science)
    This is an R and Python course for first semester data science students. Starting this Winter Semester (2020) I primarily cover the Python portion of the tutorial.
    • Keywords: Python, R, Data Analysis, Machine Learning
  • Statistics & Mathematics (BSc. Sustainability Science)
    This is a first semester statistics course where I cover topics related to descriptive and inferential statistics. Students get a first experience in using R to perform statistical tests and basic data analysis.
    • Keywords: R, R Studio, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics

Here is the Github Repository for all my teaching related contents.

Misc. Projects

These are some projects that I did just for fun or in order to learn a particular method/knowledge:

  • beepy (Status: Deployed)
    This is a Python 3 package that allows users to play notification sounds. It is intended to be used when you are running a long analysis in the background and want to know when it is ready.
    • Project Goals:
      • Learn how to create a pip-installable Python package.
      • Create something similar to an R package called “beepr”.
    • Keywords: Python, utility